The Law Tour

Overlooking Dundee and the surrounding countryside, the Law has been hiding a treasure trove of dark secrets for eons. From 415 million years ago until the early 1900’s, we discuss the formation of the Law itself as well as a brutal list of sexual assaults, murder, suicide, riots, war and ancient graves before taking in the views from her summit.

We start and end this tour at the car park halfway up the Law, as we’re not daft enough to walk you (or ourselves) all the way from the bottom to the top, but don’t think there’s limited walking involved in this tour – we are on a hill, after all and we’ll be aiming for the top! This walk is not suitable for those with limited mobility due to the terrain. Please also note that new stairs and handrails have recently been fitted to allow easier walking access, so the walk up is very secure (but still a ‘killer’).

Tickets are priced at £10 per person and tour lasts approximately one hour. Please be aware that the summit can be cold even in the nicest of weather, so dress appropriately (and remember you may want to take a few layers off after the hike up the stairs, too…but we promise the exercise will be worth it).
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